The Conrad Consulting Group is dedicated to coaching business professionals in the social and emotional skills necessary to achieve success within the workplace. Research has proven that these skills account for more than 50 percent of job success, and are becoming increasingly important in the face of a rapidly shifting economy. No longer can business leaders rely solely on their products, they must develop the ability to forge solid relationships and connections that will allow them to navigate the increasing mergers, reorganizations and customer diversity found in the global market.

Led by Dr. Jarik Conrad, the Conrad Consulting Group utilizes consulting, coaching, seminars, workshops and keynotes to unlock the extraordinary potential that most 21st century professionals possess, but are unable to access. Dr. Conrad is an award-winning author and human behavior expert, whose research shows that many failures within the workplace are directly related to poor social and emotional skills. He has helped countless organizations transform their human resources by sharpening the social and emotional skills of their talented employees. Dr. Conrad’s keynotes and consultations focus on increasing productivity and improving teamwork, by strengthening communication and decision-making skills.

By coupling the latest brain and human behavior research with practical strategies to help employees reach their maximum potential, the Conrad Consulting Group helps organizations attract, develop and retain high-level talent, enabling them to provide products and services that appeal to an ever-evolving marketplace.