Extraordinary potential is all around us, but too many talented people fall short of achieving their desired professional or personal success.  Most often, these talented individuals fail because they are ultimately betrayed by poor social and emotional skills.  In fact, researchers have determined these skills account for between 27 and 58 percent of job success.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg! These skills are becoming increasingly important as mergers, reorganizations, rapid growth, downsizing, new leadership, increased workforce and customer diversity present remarkable organizational challenges and opportunities.

The Conrad Consulting Group was founded by award-winning author and human behavior expert, Dr. Jarik Conrad, to help organizations transform their human resources by sharpening the social and emotional skills of their high-potential employees – leading to better decisions, increased productivity, and improved teamwork and communication. Dr. Conrad calls these skills Hard Core Soft Skills.

Through consulting, coaching, seminars, workshops, and keynotes that couple the latest research about the brain and human behavior with practical strategies to help employees reach their maximum potential, The Conrad Consulting Group helps organizations attract, develop, and retain talent, enabling them to provide products and services that appeal to an ever-evolving marketplace.