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Changing America. One mind at a time.

In The Fragile Mind, Dr. Jarik Conrad goes beyond news program sound bites and newspaper headlines to tackle some of America's most vexing questions, such as:

  • Why do some people born into difficult circumstances succeed in life where others fail?
  • What are the causes of urban violence in America?
  • What does emotional intelligence have to do with understanding and appreciating diversity?
  • What are the "10 Most Common Reasons Diversity Efforts Fail"?

Dr. Jarik E. Conrad offers keynotes, workshops, and seminars to help organizations develop their human capital while continuously attracting new talent. Brain research has proven that successful professionals require not only traditional intelligence, but also the social, emotional, and cultural intelligences that enable them to proactively combat stress and effectively interact with a diverse workforce.

Dr. Conrad’s innovative keynotes and coaching teach all levels of employees to utilize various types of intelligence, making them stronger, more effective leaders within the workplace.

Through his innovative workshops, seminars, keynotes and consultations, Dr. Conrad helps business professionals reach their potential!

  • Teaches skills to develop emotional, social, and cultural-emotional intelligences that represent a new frontier in understanding and managing human performance.
  • Enables employees to manifest positive transformation on the job when faced with workplace changes by building strength, resiliency and flexibility.
  • Empowers human resource departments and administrators, so they can better serve their companies and employees.

“Thank you for a spectacular presentation! The feedback from the meeting participants was excellent. We received comments such as, excellent, best speaker of the year, very energetic, needed/wanted more time, great presentation, wonderful content and delivery.”

Lori A. Bourgoin

Human Resource Management Association of Western New England

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Eyad Hasan, SPHR

Virginia State SHRM conference!