Workshop Topics

Emotional Intelligence: The Art and Science of Human Performance

Globalization, technological innovation, and rapid demographical change are just a few of the complicated factors that test today’s organizational leaders.  Although these challenges seem daunting, they bring with them a myriad of opportunities.

Since the only true sustainable source of competitive advantage is human capital, leaders need to possess well-developed intellectual abilities and equally impressive social and emotional skills to navigate their ever-changing, increasingly stressful work environments.

Dr. Conrad helps unlock the mystery of human performance, helping leaders:

  • Communicate effectively (Eliminate the problems that result from misunderstandings).
  • Manage conflict (Create a more positive, collaborative workplace).
  • Manage change (Be flexible and more easily adapt to change).
  • Manage stress (Maintain control of emotions, no matter how tense the situation).
  • Understand human differences (Understand how emotions affect interactions).

Those who attend Dr. Conrad’s talks will walk away with strategies they can employ immediately to more effectively lead their organizations.

Hard Core Soft Skills: Transform Your Exceptional Potential into Extraordinary Performance.

What if you could dramatically improve your ability to make great decisions?

Each of us has tremendous potential. Yet, few of us obtain the personal and professional success we desire. Dr. Conrad will demonstrate why it is neither emotions, nor intellect that matter most, but actually the combination of the two that produces magic. He will help you better understand yourself and others, which will enable you to perform better and build positive, more productive relationships.

Resilience: Gaining and Maintaining Momentum after Dramatic Change

Resilience is the ability to recover from difficult circumstances. Dr. Conrad knows a lot about difficult circumstances. He grew up in public housing in East St. Louis, Illinois, a place once described as America’s most distressed small city. He credits emotional intelligence for his ability to turn that misfortune into a source of motivation.

Few things are as stressful to people as change. Mergers, reorganizations, rapid growth, downsizing, new leadership, increased workforce and customer diversity – all present remarkable organizational challenges. Dr. Conrad not only helps individuals increase their resilience through such changes, he helps them gain and maintain personal and professional momentum so that they emerge from dramatic change better and stronger.

Just Like Fine Wine: Cultural Emotional Intelligence (CEI)

Why do so many diversity programs fail?

Demographic shifts in age, gender, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation and ethnicity are presenting organizational leaders with challenges and opportunities that many are not equipped to manage effectively. However, organizations will not survive in the global marketplace unless they proactively value the unique attributes of each of their employees.

Dr. Conrad will uncover how to avoid the most common flaws of diversity programs so that organizations can build high- performing inclusive organizations.