Workshop Topics

Those who attend Dr. Conrad’s talks will walk away with strategies they can employ immediately to more effectively lead their organizations.

Emotional Intelligence: The Art and Science of Human Performance

The human brain is a brilliant machine, but does not come with an owner’s manual. Dr. Jarik Conrad unlocks the mystery of human performance, leading to sustained improvements in:

  • Communication
  • Recruiting and Retention
  • Conflict Management
  • Change Management
  • Teamwork
  • Understanding Diversity

Opposites Detract: When Emotions and Intellect Collide

What if you could dramatically improve your ability to make great decisions? Moreover, what if you could better understand why others make the decisions they do?

The human brain is a phenomenal machine, but, unlike most complex equipment, does not come with an owner’s manual. Dr. Jarik Conrad will help you crack the code to your personal and professional success, demonstrating that it is the synthesis of emotions and intellect that ultimately determine a person’s ability to reach their full potential.

Dr. Conrad’s groundbreaking work in social-emotional and cultural-emotional intelligence represents a new frontier in understanding human behavior. He will help you better understand yourself and others, ultimately enabling you to improve performance and build positive, productive relationships.


Do you often feel like your world is spinning out of control?

Obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, substance abuse and relationship conflicts are just a handful of issues resulting from the stress of modern life. Self-imposed pressures and environmental demands force many people to live very unbalanced lives.

Dr. Jarik Conrad will show you how to develop skills and thought processes that are essential for long-term wellness. The Conrad Consulting Group’s “Seven Steps to Achieving Harmony” will help you look great, feel terrific and achieve your personal and professional goals today.

Hard Core Soft Skills: Transform Your Exceptional Potential into Extraordinary Performance

What if you could dramatically improve your ability to make great decisions?

Each person has tremendous potential, yet few obtain the personal and professional success that they desire. Dr. Conrad will demonstrate that emotions and intellect must be viewed as equally important in order to achieve personal and professional goals. Dr. Conrad’s Hard Core Soft Skills will help you develop understandings of yourself and others, enabling you to strengthen your performance and build positive, productive relationships with those who matter most.

Just Like Fine Wine: Cultural Emotional Intelligence (CEI)

Why do so many diversity programs fail?

Organizations will not survive in the global marketplace unless they proactively value the unique attributes of each of their employees, but demographic shifts present organizational leaders with challenges and opportunities that many are not effectively equipped to manage.

Dr. Conrad will uncover techniques in how to avoid the most common flaws of diversity programs so that organizations can develop high-performing, inclusive teams.